The river ecosystem

Foix River

We’ve been to the Foix River and we have done a study of this river in Cubelles. The typology of the Foix is Mediterranean.

Data of the place of study

Latitude: 41.20233°

Length: 1.672676°

Date / Time: 2017­04­07 / 13:38:41 

In this stretch there are banks without trees, or without cane or agriculture. It forms a fringe with isolated trees or shrub spots only. The adjacent landscape is humanized and the bank is full of rubbish. The river is channelled and there are blocks, stones, sand and silts, and pebbles. There are also algae. It has zones with slow speeds and shallow depths. 

 The hydromorphological quality is low and insufficient.

We found species like Elmidae, Ceratopogonidae and Chironomidae.

To conclude, the biological and ecological quality is bad. It doesn’t comply with the directive “Marco del Agua”.

 Gisela Morcillo
4rt ESO

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